Mt John Mountaintop Weddings Lake Tekapo

Mountaintop weddings up on Mt John, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand offer a unique wedding experience overlooking the stunning turquoise-blue waters of Lake Tekapo and contrasted by the snow-capped peaks of the Southern Alps and surrounding yellow-tussock farmland. Mt John’s 360° lake and alpine views are sure to take your breath away. Mt John boasts one of the most beautifully placed observatories in the world and is internationally recognised as one of the best-situated observatories for viewing the southern night sky because of its high number of clear nights throughout the year, the stability and transparency of the atmosphere and the uniquely dark skies in the Mackenzie Basin. Some lovely locations for your ceremony including the "Hitching Post" overlooking Lake Tekapo, or amidst the gold tussock with views taking in the Southern Alps all the way to Aoraki Mt Cook.

Mt John Mountaintop Weddings, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

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Mt John Photo Shoot Package

PRICE: from NZD$2425.00

Mt John Mountaintop Wedding Package - Option One

PRICE: from NZD$3175.00

Mt John Mountaintop Wedding Package - Option Two

PRICE: from NZD$3973.00

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