In New Zealand there are two types of marriage celebrants: religious (affiliated with a particular religion) and civil (no religious affiliations) and New Zealand law requires that for a wedding ceremony to be legal, it must be conducted by a registered civil or religious marriage celebrant. Your New Zealand wedding coordinator will be able to organise your choice of either a religious or civil marriage celebrant. Marriage celebrants may conduct weddings anywhere in New Zealand, and while some religious marriage celebrants will conduct ceremonies outside the church most are not permitted to do so. A Registrar of Marriages can also conduct your ceremony at a Marriage Registry Office, and your New Zealand wedding coordinator will be able to arrange whichever type of marriage ceremony fits your beliefs and preferences.

These days most couples want to be able to choose the words said at their wedding ceremony and there are numerous books, software programs and internet sites dedicated to assisting you to achieve a unique and personalized ceremony. Again our professional New Zealand wedding coordinator will be able to offer advice on this matter and most marriage celebrants are also equipped with lots of ceremony and vow ideas. The marriage celebrants selected by our New Zealand wedding coordinator are people who will work closely with you in putting your ceremony together. The only legal requirement in New Zealand is that you must say to each other in the presence of the celebrant and two witnesses: “I (bride’s name /groom’s name) take you (groom’s name/bride’s name) as my husband/wife”…or words to that effect.

All of our basic wedding packages include the fee for a civil or religious marriage celebrant and you will be able to personally work with your celebrant where possible by email to work out the details of your ceremony. If you have no guests attending your wedding our New Zealand wedding coordinator will also arrange for two witnesses to be present at your wedding to sign the legal paperwork as required by New Zealand law.

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