Brides Attire

Choosing what you will wear on your wedding day is one of the most exciting decisions a prospective bride will make. Photos from bridal magazines and the internet as well as ideas from bridal shows can be a great source of inspiration when thinking about what to wear. Think about your own style and personality, what colour’s suit you (even different shades of white, cream or ivory may be more flattering), your figure type, your budget, the weather and the setting and overall theme of your wedding. When shopping for your dress, endeavour to try on as many different styles as you can to help you decide on the best colour and shape for you.

As well as the task of choosing a fabulous dress you will also need to think about accessories – will you wear a veil, another type of headpiece, or a tiara? Will you wear gloves? What lingerie will you wear under your gown? What shoes will you wear? What jewellery (apart from your rings!) will you wear? Smart accessorizing such as embellished wraps, long gloves and diamante jewellery can dress up an outfit and instantly give it a more formal feel, without breaking the budget.