Wedding Photography

Of all the choices and costs involved in planning New Zealand weddings, photography is the element that should suffer no compromise. Photographs of New Zealand weddings convey the romance, emotion and humour of the most important day of your life and will be a permanent record of the occasion, preserving the romance, joy and glamour forever.

A good photographer will make you look like a star, while capturing the real you. A professional photographer with the experience of capturing the essence of New Zealand weddings will use their creative and technical skills to get the best results as quickly and as smoothly as possible and will ensure that every moment of your wedding day is captured so you will have an enduring set of beautiful images.

Traditional style photos of New Zealand weddings include group shots of family & friends, signing the register, cutting of the cake etc. However, nowadays many couples look for a fresh, lively, ' story-telling' approach that reflects the atmosphere and feelings of the day, documenting and recording the real events rather than staging them. When this style of photography is done well, you should get a feeling of what your wedding day was really like, all the emotion, expression, laughter and even a few tears.

The photographers we contract for our New Zealand weddings offer an excellent selection of traditional and digital wedding photography packages and albums to suit every budget. Please contact us for more information regarding any aspect of our New Zealand weddings.

"Our professional New Zealand weddings photographer will make you look like a star."