Kahurangi National Park Mountaintop Weddings

Kahurangi national park offers an endless selection of spectacular helicopter landing sites for our NZ wedding planners to help you chose from. Some of these landing sites have never been visited before. As season and weather will affect which landing location will be the best for your chosen wedding day, our NZ wedding planners will advise some of the better locations for your needs. A final decision about where the helicopter will land will usually be made in consultation with you on the actual day, therefore some flexibility will be required on your part.

Our NZ wedding planners report some of the most popular landing sites are:

The Mount Arthur range has a variety of suitable wedding sites up to its limits of 6000 feet.  The landing sites are limitless, offering tussock tops, mountain lakes, rocky outcrops and alpine basins. Higher altitude sites may be covered in snow in winter.

Dimrell Dale from Lord of The Rings, is a spectacular spot on the slopes of Mt Owen. The highest peak in Kahurangi at 1875m, it resembles a bleached moonscape of glaciated marble, and up close the crevasses and deep sink holes display the awesome power of nature.

Mount Olympus, Eregion Hills from The Lord of The Rings, is the site where the fellowship hide from Saruman's crebian (black crows). This place is remote, isolated and spectacular.

Helicopters are available to transport up to 4 passengers and up to 6 passengers (remember that as well as yourselves, your celebrant will be one of the passengers and your photographer and/or videographer if requested).

Basic Wedding Package Inclusions:

Basic Wedding Package Prices:

4-Seater McDonnell Douglas 500E Helicopter: NZD$2608.00
6-Seater Eurocopter AS350BA Helicopter: NZD$2858.00

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Benefit from our experienced NZ wedding planners and enjoy your ‘big day’ in one of the most spectacular locations on Earth.