Getting Married in New Zealand

Our NZ wedding planning services make marrying a trouble free and enjoyable experience. NZ is one of the easiest and most hassle-free countries in the world to get married in. A wedding performed in NZ by a registered Civil Marriage Celebrant or religious Minister is legally binding and NZ wedding documents are recognised worldwide. To make it even easier for you, we will prepare all the wedding planning and pre-arrange all the necessary legal documentation on your behalf!

Before Your Wedding

NZ law requires that all couples who are planning a wedding here complete and lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage Form with a government marriage office or other registered government agency in NZ. When you begin your wedding planning with The Wedding Company we lodge this form on your behalf and the processing fee for your NZ marriage license is included in all of our basic wedding packages. If you are planning your NZ wedding with us, please click here to complete our online Notice of Intended Marriage Form.

If either or both of you has been divorced you must fax or post a copy of your divorce papers (a Decree Absolute or equivalent proof of the dissolution of your marriage) and bring the originals with you to NZ.

If either one or both of you are under 20 years of age please complete the online Notice of Intended Marriage Form then click here to download the Consent of Marriage of a Minor Form that you will also need to complete. This form will then need to be signed and posted to us.

NZ law does not require you to present copies of passports or birth certificates before your wedding.

Once you arrive in NZ at least one of you is required by law to sign a statutory declaration in person in the presence of a registered government agency, after which you will receive your marriage licence and the papers you will sign on your wedding day. Therefore when planning your wedding you must arrange your itinerary so you arrive in NZ with enough time to do this before your wedding day. Include in your planning enough time to visit the agency on a weekday (Mon-Fri), between 9am and 5pm. All of our NZ wedding planning packages include transport to the marriage office and assistance with uplifting your marriage licence.

If you are thinking about getting married in NZ over a holiday period or your travel arrangements do not allow enough time prior to your wedding for signing of the statutory declaration, it is also possible to do this in the presence of a Commonwealth representative in your home country. Please email us for contact details.

On Your Wedding Day

At your wedding, you will both sign two documents along with two witnesses as required by NZ law (either two of your own guests or if required all our NZ wedding planning packages include arrangement for two witnesses to be present). Your marriage celebrant will return one copy of the signed form to the Central Registry of Marriages in NZ so that your marriage can be officially registered. The other copy will be given to you as a signed, legal record of your marriage.

After Your Wedding

After your NZ wedding you will need a formal document to confirm the details and legal validity of your marriage for presentation in your home country. Many countries will accept the form you sign on your wedding day however the majority including Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Indonesia and Singapore require additional documentation as proof of marriage in the form of what is known as a Standard NZ Marriage Certificate. This bears the official stamp of the Registrar of Marriages in NZ. The certificate fee and courier of this to you at home is included in all of our basic NZ wedding planning packages.

If you are from Austria, Norway, France, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, China, Denmark, Thailand and some other countries your Marriage Certificate will require further verification, please let us know if you are from one of these countries so we can advise you of any additional fees and make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

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Let our NZ wedding planning services take the hassle out of your ‘big day’ and enjoy the occasion in one of the most spectacular locations on Earth.