"Remarkables" Heli-Wedding Queenstown

The Remarkables are a spectacular and picturesque mountain range that runs along the eastern edge of Lake Wakatipu. Its snow-capped serrated peaks rise majestically above Queenstown and are a particularly impressive sight. You will appreciate how these peaks have earned their name when you stand on "The Spur" of the Remarkables 1538 metres above Queenstown. Experience the breath-taking views of Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding area when you fly by helicopter and say your vows high up amongst the pristine beauty of the mountains around Queenstown.

Remarkables Heli-Wedding, Queenstown, New Zealand

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Remarkables Heli-Wedding Photo Shoot Package

PRICE: from NZD$2499.00

Remarkables Heli-Wedding Package - Option One

PRICE: from NZD$2499.00

Remarkables Heli-Wedding Package - Option Two

PRICE: from NZD$3125.00

Remarkables Heli-Wedding Package - Option Three

PRICE: from NZD$3955.00

Remarkables Heli-Wedding Package - Option Four

PRICE: from NZD$5128.00

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